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    Silk is one of the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics because it is made from a natural protein structure. Like diamonds, it appears luminous because it is made of triangular prism shaped fibres that reflect light at different angles. Silk is wonderful for travelling because it folds very small and is lightweight. 

    Alexandria Main uses Cambodian hand-woven silk where possible.  Since the 13th century, silk has been interwoven in Cambodian history. The Khmer Rouge all but destroyed the sector, but after intensive efforts by the global community, it has slowly come back. It is a tiny sector of the economy, but an important one because the silk is predominantly woven in homes in remote rural communities, providing income to women who have few other opportunities to earn money.

    Between 66% to 87% of the silk workforce are women. A significant number of these women are landmine or polio victims, people with disabilities, victims of human trafficking, widows and orphans. The US State Department reports that Cambodia is a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking. The sale of virgin women and children in Cambodia is a continual problem. Poverty makes people vulnerable, but engaging them in a high value add sector, such as silk weaving, can reduce their risk of being taken advantage of.


    Striped Silk Caftans

    • Dry clean only

    Flower Print Caftans

    • Dry clean only

    Solid Color Silk Caftans and Silk Kimono Robes

    • Solid silk kaftans and robes can be hand washed in cool water, using a gentle washing liquid. Unless there are stains, you won't need to do much more than a gentle swirl around in the water.
    • In the case of stains, avoid rubbing too vigorously.
    • Gently wring out your garment and hang it inside on a clothing rack, laid over a towel to dry so to avoid any transfer of wood dye from the rack to your garment.
    • Iron using a silk setting