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    Striped SilkCaring for silk is easier than you might think. All Alexandria Main silk has been washed before making it into your garments, so the natural shrinkage has already occurred and the dye has been tested for colour fastness. Any colours that run are rejected. 

    Alexandria Main garments are made from hand loomed silk, using weaving techniques that date back thousands of years. The silk has a beautiful starched taffeta feel because it has been made with a traditional manual reeling process. Over time, and with more washing, the silk will become less crisp. Our navy blue silk is softer, for example, than the other colours because it has been over-dyed several times.

    Silk is one of the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics because it is made from a natural protein structure. It appears luminous because it is made of triangular prism shaped fibres that reflect light at different angles.

    TO WASH:

    • Hand wash your silk sleepwear in lukewarm water, using a gentle washing liquid. Unless there are stains, you won't need to do much more than a gentle swirl around in the water.
    • Gently wring out your garment and hang it inside on a clothing rack, laid over a white towel to dry so to avoid any transfer of wood dye from the rack to your garment.
    • When dry, your silk pyjamas may feel crisp. Use a low heat and iron on the reverse side and they will soften again.