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    Alexandria Main is for Glama Pusses who want gorgeous silk to take them from pool lounge to cocktail lounge. I don’t want you to cry in your Champagne, but I must mention that the vast majority of garment workers in the world are trapped in a cycle of poverty because their wages are too low for them to live on. That is horrible, isn’t it? The antidote is called Consume Consciously. Which means, my chicken, that just as you do not like to buy eggs from battery hens, you have the freedom to buy clothes that no-one suffered to create. Alexandria Main pieces are all made from silk that has been handwoven in the Cambodian countryside in amongst the rice paddies, chickens, and watermelons growing in fields. Our artisans use weaving techniques that have been handed down through generations. All our clothes are made by Fair Sew in a light and breezy studio in Phnom Penh. The sewers are paid more than a living wage, have a good work/life balance and are provided with free English lessons. This matters, darling, not just because Karma, but because nothing really is beautiful if it comes at the expense of another person. 

    This leads me to another point: it's divine to have a lovely sparkly life, but it's so much more fun if you can sprinkle the sparkles. So 10% of all Alexandria Main profits are donated to an organisation that exists to improve the lives of women and children in Cambodia. This is where you come in angel, because at checkout you get to choose where you would like to spread the love. There are three listed - take a peek, see which one speaks to your heart and click away.  

    A li'l bit about me (in the pic)


    Designer: Roxane Horton

    Home: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    Favourite flowers: Orchids. Refer cottage scene in the Leonardo di Caprio version of The Great Gatsby. 

    Movie inspo: The Killing Fields. Witness what the Khmer Rouge did to destroy Cambodia. 

    Why silk?: Because it throws light in your face as though the sun is kissing you.

    Favourite city: Phnom Penh. Especially the Elephant Bar at Raffles.

    Go-to quote: Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. 

    Couple things I love:

    • Fash Rev - for their work in making sure fashion is made in a fair, equitable and safe way.
    • The Possibility Project - for their Slumwear108 swoony dresses, made by women in India, using upcycled silk sarees.
    • Pack for Purpose - find some room in your Louis Vuitton Keepall to take needed supplies to community projects around the world.
    • Peppermint magazine - Style, Sustainability and Substance. A magazine that tells stories about people doing good things in the world. 

    Partner credits

    Leaving the absolute best til last, I'd like to thank everyone who makes this venture possible; the incredible people I work with in Cambodia to make all these pretty clothes. Check them out and look them up: