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    Five of the best photo apps

    The template words that appear when I open a new blog page are 'e.g. Blog about your latest products or deals'. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who works from the same template, but I won't be doing that. I figure you've already checked out the products when you opened the Home page. I want the blog pages to be a little takeaway gift of things that might be useful for you. So I'll be blogging about things like the best summer champagne cocktails, packing tips for tropical islands, an app I've found and loved, a hotel that's too gorgeous to not share. Let me know if there's anything sunshine related you want covered and I'll get to work on that too.

    Today's little gift is to share a couple of photo apps I love.

    1.  Polamatic by Polaroid 

    I first downloaded it a few years ago when it was a little clunky to use and adding text was really wonky. It's recently been upgraded and they've finally made it easy and fun. When you import your photos it makes that great kshvvvvvv sound that you hear when a polaroid spits out from the camera. There's something about the classic Polaroid shape that balances out images and makes them visually more appealing.

    2. FlipFoto

    I randomly came across this app the other day. It puts your photos in a virtual album with pages that actually flip when you go through them. And everyone you share with can add pics (up to 24) and make comments. I made an album after my last weekend away with friends and I like that it's more collaborative than just posting pics on a static page.

    3. CollageIt

    I mainly use this on my laptop rather than my mobile device. It super easily overlays text and creates bordered or real looking framed photos. I use it a lot for blog pictures and will start using it for Facebook invitations and things that need to be tricked up a little. 

    4. Aviary

    I hesitate to add this because it's a bit like putting down Facebook for social media apps you love. As in, well duh who hasn't heard of that. It's the big hairy gorilla of photo editing apps that lets you overlay text and play around with colours and borders and words. It's owned by Adobe, which means it works really well. After a bit of agonising,  I've included it because maybe there are a few people out there who don't know it, like a certain member of my family who hadn't heard of Pinterest...

    5. Frametastic

    Poor Frametastic were doing great work until Instagram came along and added their 'layout' option. For that reason alone I'm mentioning them to give them a sympathy nod. Actually though, Frametastic still do it better than the Instagram function because you can change the border width and play around with a lot more layout features than are available in Insta.

    The following shots are some Polamatics I've used on Instagram. In case you were wondering - they were all taken on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Something else that's beautiful and worth sharing!


    Alexandria Main I Sea Shells

    Alexandria Main Pineapple

    Alexandria Main Marcus Beach


    Alexandria Main motto: Dare to Dream

    First up let me say: welcome to Alexandria Main resort wear! This is an auspicious blog since it’s the first one I’m writing, but since Alexandria Main is about you, not about me, I’ll keep the formalities to a bare minimum.

    Dare to Dream are the words that sit on my desk. The idea of starting a business sourcing ethical items in Cambodia first came to me when I was sitting on a deserted beach on Lizard Island in the Coral Sea. It was a picture perfect fantasy island setting. White powder sand. Glowing sunshine. Clear blue water. A lone turtle was swimming past in the ocean right in front of me. And there wasn't another soul for miles. I'd been to Cambodia a few years before and it captured my heart. I don't know if it's the craziness of the traffic or the smell of the heat or the ghosts of a terrible past, but Cambodia is not the sort of place you can just idly drift through. It grabs you by the scruff of your soul and yells at you 'This is life. Wake up and Live It!' And then if you're lucky, instead of being stuffed in a dark corner with the half empty bottle of insect spray, that desire to create a passionate and exciting life stays with you when you get back to wherever you came from.

    And so on that beach many years ago, I decided to make beach robes that wrap around you and float while you walk. Beach pouches that hold everything you need to spend your day under a palm tree. Soft cotton sarongs to knot over a swimsuit. Fabrics from incredible India where memories of the smell of jasmine and flashes of pink never leave you. Everything made in ethical studios in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap where French colonial style sits alongside rows of candy coloured shiny scooters.

    Here is the result of my daring to have a dream on an empty beach in the middle of the ocean. I hope you enjoy it too.